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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!! It is a fandom crest of supernatural, doctor who, sherlock, avengers, harry potter, star trek, merlin, and lotr (the hobbit)

Doctor Who Star Trek Sherlock and Supernatural crest of the knight of fandom BIG messenger bag / by FeerieDoll

for my fellow fandom friends all it needs is a mocking jay ;)

crest of the knight of fandom / Supernatural Doctor by FeerieDoll

Fandom Medley!!! this is amazing, 3 minutes long with songs from Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star wars, LOTR, and Doctor Who!

This is music taken from Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and The Lord Of The Rings- You need to listen to this RIGHT NOW.--- All I need now is the ability to play the piano.

PIE. <-- this first pic is of Granny from Downton Abbey. most people don't know this show exists.

adding gifs hijacking posts the fandom business.<--- This post is a mess XD

Iphone 4 / 4s case crest of the knight of fandom / Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, Potter, Star Trek, Merlin, Hobbit - I need this O_O

crest of the knight of fandom / Supernatural Doctor by FeerieDoll

Imagine there's a tv network for fangirls and fanboys. And only your favorite tv series are all in it. Why aren't we funding that?! I love her cartoon, its all about the fangirls and fanboys and fandoms. Check out her youtube page >> onlyleigh   :))

<< is nobody going to mention those Holmie girls managed to piss off the sweetest actor ever? That's pretty impressive.

When will we get the "don't run" episode?<<repining for comment

When will we get the "don't run" episode? < That would be an pretty boring episode ^^ :D

I have found this and I think it is a marvelous combination of clothes to represent three fandoms. -SH

Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock inspired outfit. I love every single thing about this! I would totally wear this.

I want this shirt :o

I feel like those of us in the SPN fandom would get a hella lotta use from that there shirt. Sad but true story bro>>> I'm not in the SPN Fandom, but I could definitely use this shirt.

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