What would you say to a new autism parent? But I respect everyone's individual journey, everyone's journey is difficult, but with time can and will bring joy and laughter.

It is hard to accept but it is what it is.acceptance helps you to move on and live life rather than adding depression into the mix.

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Autism - Looking into my son's eyes. He just thinks he gets angry sometimes.thats the only self awareness he has about his condition.my darling boy xx


An open letter to the world from an autism mom. To whom it may concern (and it concerns EVERYONE!), April is autism awareness month. I don't know how much you know about autism, but as the proud parent of an almost 13 yr old son who has .


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8 inspiring quotes about autism from And Next Comes L

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8 inspiring quotes about autism from And Next Comes L

Deciphering Morgan on acceptance.

I want him to thrive. At its core, there should be nothing wrong with being Autistic.

A woman from my neighborhood would go out of her way to stop and tell me how my son wasn't autistic just stubborn. This last weekend she saw me at the bank and wanted my help. Seems her grandsons (twins) were just diagnosed with autism and her daughter was inconsolable. People need to understand with 1 in 50 diagnosed, autism will touch everyone is some way.

Remember, no one signs up for autism . 1 in 50 diagnosed, autism will touch EVERYONE in some way.