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Agnetha and Björn pre ABBA!

Agnetha and Björn in 1969

The Young One should also have a Favourite Early Photos thread, I'd say, that's only natural ..

A promotional picture to promote the tour by Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny in ABBA were in creation, but Agnetha's solo career was to continue.

ABBA Picture Gallery and Collection

Agnetha and Bjorn – Page 1

Anna with Frida "Chiquitita"

Anna with Frida "Chiquitita"



News, photos, old interviews, my views on ABBA and the four former members.


Happy ABBA and happy me - I’m back after a fantastic graduation week!

Robert Ri'chard

Favourite Group Photos | ABBAChat

Ok, I'll get this started with one of my favourite photos of ABBA - although there are so many that I love. The velvet jumpsuits were always so beautiful to me - one of my absolute favourites :)

your favourite Benny and Frida pic - Seite 24 | www.abba4ever.com

Dancing Queen Lyrics

I think it's about time that we have this thread... I'm tired of posting everything in Agnetha's thread lol Here's a nice one from The Movie photoshoot

The Vallentuna photo sessions. Several photo sessions were taken during different periods in in Vallentuna outside Stockholm where the ABBA members lived by that time.