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HWFC 03 - US v. Seychelles by kanae on DeviantArt Like this.

Oh my god Russia XD<< with the kolkolkol on top then the raep and France with the SEX PLS sign and Iggy with the unicorn.

America: Britain, would you marry me? England: uwha?? *blushing* I-I um.... America: Britain I love you. Please marry me.  England: *blushing with tears forming and nods yes happily* of course! *hugs America* I love you too git!

When iggy finds out you like his cooking I literally watched this for a half hour.

The moral of the story is that 'it doesn't matter if you one or many if you're against Finland. If you are against Finland, you're screwed.

Mastermind Nanami on

hetalia Finland actually has the Highest death penalty rate of any country that Kawaii cutie pie is actually scary as fuck