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Feels ;_; Hetalia not s shipper of Rusame but there are just so many feels right now, I just can't

I can't ship Russia with any one cause of anastatia but this is absolutely adorable !

GerIta headcanon idea and edit by @cheepcheep36 ~ NO WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS?! I'M SO SORRY!

GerIta headcanon idea and edit by ~ I think this is cute (but sad).

APH: Davie taught me... by Aloof-Star.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I cried so much during this episode; (APH: Davie taught me. by Aloof-Star on DeviantArt)

Hetalia Headcanons>>im crying now!!!imagine them having ugly scars like this forever!!

Hetalia Headcanons>>im crying now!imagine them having ugly scars like this forever!<<< They're not ugly scars, they're signs that they've survived tough times, and I think that it beautiful.



Lol! XD

XD "Don't be upsetti have some spaghetti"<<< sounds like something Papyrus would say

[APH Nordics] Sleep my young love by Enbi-to-Miruku.deviantart.com on @deviantART (i think my heart is dead)

DISCLAIMER: I am well aware of the timeline inaccuracy of this artwork. This is set in while the famous Icelandic lullaby (of which I used the lyr. [APH Nordics] Sleep my young love

I think I cried a litt- a lot I cried a lot D,: this is so beautiful

I am legit crying, guys and that doesn't happen often<<England isn't the only one that hates the revolution