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Castiel. look at that devilish smirk <3<---I don't think "Devilish" is the right term in this context.

McCarroll just LOOK at that face and see if you can continue to judge my Castiel board. I dare you!


There is a fine line between stalking and observing with rabid enthusiasm. Try not to cross that line, fandom.<<<<It's a fandom.it's impossible NOT to cross that line

What's Going On? (Sequel to What Just Happened.) - Chapter 12 - Wattpad

What's Going On? (Sequel to What Just Happened.) - Chapter 12

All the Supernatural Gifs — put these green screen gifs together because I.

Why Dinosaur would you be and Why?

I just love how Jensen and Jim say normal dinosaur names and then Misha is like, "I want to be the plastic toy dinosaur in Toy Story!" JUST LOVE MISHA COLLINS!>>>meanwhile Misha.

this makes me fill so happy inside like misha puppy eyes are a blessing i love them <3

It's why I adore him. He speaks volumes with his eyes, especially when fighting his growing doubt.Misha Collins Everyone!

Is that Jensen's shadow on Misha's shoulder? /// I laugh so hard at this xD