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A great way to keep track of water bottles at night

Funny pictures about Night time bowling. Oh, and cool pics about Night time bowling. Also, Night time bowling.

Mira que manera más divertida de reciclar

Milk Jug Ball Catcher *** My kids had fun with this game. I didn't bother taping the edge of the milk jug, it wasn't sharp. We made a ball using leftover foil but any ball will do.

glow sticks in cooler makes it easier to see what you are getting in the dark

Green Glow sticks in cooler for Halloween party! (or any color variant for a different seasonal affair) ~ good idea so you dont have to hold a flash light to dig around in the cooler.

¿Ni playa ni piscina? No te preocupes, hemos encontrado este montón de juegos divertidos para que te refresques sin necesidad de pegarte un chapuzón.

25 Water Games & Activities For Kids

Wouldn't it be fun to have kids wearing these and sitting across from each other EACH with a water gun? Fill the bottle on top of kids head with a water gun or spray bottle!

Let's make a giant fort and watch Christmas movies please

Morning coffee (39 photos)

5 Steps To Building Your Own Epic Blanket Fort. The thing is we do this we actually love doing this. It would be awesome if u had a party like this with 2 teams, fort supplies and playful weapons!

If you plan on hosting ten 4th graders at your home on a Saturday afternoon- you need a game plan on how you are going to entertain your party guests! So here are a few ideas for Birthday Party Games for Tweens!

10 Great Party Games for Tweens!

This would be soo fun maybe add little toys

10 Wet & Wild Water Balloon Game Ideas

Backyard Water Party with water ballon pinatas, finger paint murals, soap mud, slip 'n slide, and water balloon fight and toss.

Sprinkler! Easy and cheap way to water your lawn when your sprinkler breaks!

Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose. Toss over a tree branch and let hang for a kids water sprinkler. You can loop it over a tree branch and let kids bat it around for more watery fun!

Water Pinata! Hmmm..so you bash at these with a stick?  Kids would love it.

Water Balloon Pinata

Water balloon pinata, for those super hot days or a summer bday party. Water balloon pinata, for those super hot days or a summer bday party. Water balloon pinata, for those super hot days or a summer bday party.