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Simon Dale's sustainable hobbit house in Wales. Most natural construction wood based, raw effect and organic lines from the use of natural materials only. Natural light flowing in from the middle of the ceiling. An interior that seems obvious, alive and magical.

Low impact woodland home built by Simon Dale in Wales. It took 4 months to build and move in. Dale estimates man hours and to build; roughly m excluding labour.

The BathHouse -- incorporates a number of building types in one project.

Me gusta ese banco bajo techo. (Bath House Exterior - built from cob / strawbale / adobe / clay plaster by The Canelo Project)

Earthship is a concept of over 40 years and yet the first one ever built in Europe was in 2000. The idea is a trademark of Michael Reynolds — a US architect. In the 70s, Reynolds envisioned a home…

Earthships — The Ultimate Green Homes

Dream Earthship Kitchen: Earthships -- The Ultimate Green Homes [self-sustainable homes constructed out of basic recycled materials]

Superadobe Interior

Would be so awesome as a guest house, or a small studio/shop. Straw Bale Cob House Interior / The Green Life

Whole Tree Design in Architecture by Roald Gundersen of Wholetrees.com - http://wholetrees.com/about-us/staff-bios/roald-gundersen

Trees in Design VS1

Natural Tree Houses to Live in with Unique House Style and Design : Magnificent Wooden Style Tree Houses To Live In Blue Interior Decor Idea.

Day 1-Six Amazing Reasons To Build With Straw Bales

The Comprehensive Guide to Building with Straw Bales- Post and Beam Infill.I've heard these houses are actually much more sturdy than regular modern housing.

cob outdoor staircase

Stairs made from cob and wood framing for support. Natural branches treated and used for railings.