Hahaha so true :P

Deeper than Niagara Falls? Niagara Falls are WATERFALLS. It's not hard to be deeper than water falling off a cliff.


Okay seriously though to whoever keeps relating to Clique/any nasty rap song, I love you. {GIF} I love this gif

Ttttrrrruuuueeeee 1D will always slay forever and always ✌️

I always hated him :) from it's been the Jonas brothers. Never liked Justin Beiber and I still don't

haha you know what's funnier than this I usually do this everyday.... :) I swear i'm normal!!

i didnt choose the band life, the band life crawled from the depths of hell grabbed me in a chokehold and dragged me into the flames but idk I kinda like it down here


haha coughs* I hate these tricks in class like byotch be quite lol XP

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We all know the winner. Repost for Harry like for Nash. I love both but sorry Nash, Harry wins

And Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik ya know all them at once

And Niall Horan and Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson and Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood and Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin