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3 tips for tattoo placement Tattoo Talk Tuesday Hello everyone is Qcknd and welcome back at Tattoo Talk Tuesday. If it is the first time that you accompany us: Tattoo Talk Tuesday is our weekly interactive question and answer video …

Small watercolor tattoo by Candelaria Carballo.

I hate when people get tattoos upside down on their arm, but this one is pretty cute. Such a pet peeve, it should be the right way up when everyone else is looking at it, not when you're looking at it. Would Tattoo Studio [Argentina]

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((Without the stems)) incorporate butterfly & hummingbird)) Flowers and colors for upper arm and clavicle tattoos


These beautiful small tattoos will have you dashing straight to the tattoo artist's chair.

Standard tattoos are outlined with black ink and then filled in from there, creating the classic appearance true to most tattoo artists around the world. Tattooist_silo employs an entirely different method when he tattoos clients. Thanks to his mad skills, Silo's skin art resembles watercolor painti...

Korean Tattoo Artist Creates Flower Tattoos That Look Like Watercolor Paintings On Your Skin. [Tattooist Silo has proportions down perfectly and the right touch with the ink.