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Original art deco poster designed for the theatrical release of "Metropolis," the 1927 German expressionist science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang.

"Metropolis" (1926) - Fritz Lang's dystopia is still great 90 years later

Metropolis art deco influenced film) Poster by Ken Taylor. Signed by Ken Taylor. Edition of Printed by D Screenprinting.

Metropolis 1927 - Film Archive - Posters, Lobby Cards, Postcards - Part 1: 1927

A rare Paramount poster, though not the most valuable memorabilia. Not understanding Lang's film, the American studio recut it with a loss of continuity.

Simple, yet quite effective

Michelangelo Antonioni

Rodolfo Reyes - Metropolis

Rodolfo Reyes, Metropolis

Metropolis Movie Poster

Metropolis Movie Poster (Green)

Metropolis, l'affiche à 1 million de dollars

Metropolis, l'affiche à 1 million de dollars

An iconic design by Heinz Schulz-Neudamm for Fritz Lang's seminal film 'Metropolis' is up for auction, and as one of only four surviving copies, it is set to beat its own world record as the most expensive movie poster of all time.


I Want to Believe UFO Alien Novelty Poster Print (Unframed 12x24 Poster) -- inspiration -- inspiration -- inspiration -- inspiration -- inspiration

Given the chronology this should really be "Metropolis vs. Blade Runner" but most people are more familiar with Ridley Scott than Fritz Lang so I've let Blade Runner determine the order of the shot.