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"Emo Quartet" by literaldisaster ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Hot Topic, Ksubi and Converse

"Emo Quartet" by literaldisaster ❤

This excellent and still accurate renaming of your favorite bands: | 22 Tumblr Posts That Will Speak To All Former Emo Kids

This excellent and still accurate renaming of your favorite bands:

I laugh cried

Have I? I didn't notice....

Good thing one of my best friends calls me Frank (not even kidding)!

Weird Brendon..

Ghost :: Mikey Way [1]

Weird Brendon..

I just died......... Why does he have to be older than me have a wife and a kid and why not marry me?

Here's a Gerard kiss.

This is why I don't mind being called emo anymore  Want more business from social media?

I may be emo. I'm pretty broken and seriously emotional.

He is beauty  He is grace

He is beauty He is grace

Well I'm allergic. Actually it's been nine years since I've touched one, but as far as I know

Please tell me they named the cat Mitch because of Mitch Lucker

march 12th ✧ gerard way on twitter<<<he won an award for being on twitter because of stuff like this

gerard, i feel ur pain, i lost 2 beanies in the past 5 months

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Tyler Joseph // Josh Dun // twenty one pilots //// I love chocolate burritos

Gerard and Mikey are the cutest <3

Gerard and Mikey are the cutest why is this so funny omfg

If you don't get this then don't talk to me Im serious

i only saw the top of this and thought it was a makeup pin. im so fucking happy it wasnt XD

Wh- these... exist... so... do they have them for every band or just MCR, because like my Christmas list is filled.

My Chemical Romance Pop! Vinyl Figure Revenge Gerard Way I have the Black Parade one I want this one

Patrick Stump

War-like flashbacks to sideburns 😂😂

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