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Kaliya (IAST:Kāliya, Devanagari: कालिय), in Hindu mythology, was the name of a poisonous Naga living in the Yamuna River, in Vrindavan. The water of the Yamuna for four leagues all around him boiled and bubbled with poison. No bird or beast could go near, and only one solitary Kadamba tree grew on the river bank.

Lord Krishna dancing on the serpent Kaliya; while the serpent's wives pray to Krishna

The hindu calendar used in ancient times has undergone many changes in the process of regionalization, and today there are several regional Indian calendars, as well as an Indian national calendar. Nepali calendar, Bengali calendar, Malayalam calendar, Tamil calendar, Telugu calendar, Kannada calendar etc. are some prominent regional Hindu calendars.

Fabric Hindu calendar/almanac for the Hindu year Rajasthan India. Left avatars of Vishnu,. center-right column: 12 signs of the Hindu zodiac. Top middle panel: Ganesha with 2 consorts. The panel shows Krishna with 2 consorts.

Style: Mughal; Type: Manuscript Illustrations; Title: 'Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliya', north India, 1590-1595

Title: 'Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliya', north India,

Indian miniature - Bhagavata Purana illustration: Gajendramoksha.* Jaipur, circa 1820 - 30.

* Jaipur, circa 1820 - Gouache and gold on wasli. John Anthony Hodgson Surveyor General of India, and Revenue Survey

Jai Shri Krishna

Sri Krishna Janmastami - Krishna and Mahabharata: historical reality

Kamdhenu - the holy cow

Gau Mata (cow) is believed as the most pious animal in Hindus and as such is an object of adoration. The milk, dung, urine, and curd of cow are considered to be useful. The panchgaviya gods reside on cow.

Kala Ksetram

hinducosmos: The Dancer’s Homage to Krishna Artist: Kailash Raj Water Color Painting on Paper (via Exotic India)

Women who worship Shiva are interrupted by a vision of Krishna, anonymous, ca 1795 - ca 1805. Source: Rijksmuseum

Women who worship Shiva are interrupted by a vision of Krishna, anonymous, ca 1795 - ca Source: Rijksmuseum

Idk if someone just photoshopped Krsna in here because it looks like a Chinese painting, but I like it.

brahmaanda: “ from the book “Light of the Bhagavata”, illustrated by Chinese artist Li Yuen Sheng in the traditional Gongbi style ”

Hindu Cosmos : Photo

Harihara(Harihara is the fused representation of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara) from the Hindu tradition) Seated Artist/maker unknown, Indian Geography: Made in Mankot, Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia Date: c.


I saved this because of Shesha Naga. This is: Vasudeva, protected by Sesha Naga, sneaks out of Kamsa's prison with Krishna who appeared in the form of a baby