The old observatory by Tryingtofly

From the Netherlands we have the amazing science fiction themed artworks of Leon Tukker, a freelance concept artist and digital illustrator.

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“Amalthea” by *Hamsterfly ““…depicts the interior of a ‘Reagan cylinder’. In Eclipse Phase, Reagan cylinders are a variant of O'Neill cylinder habitats—essentially tube-shaped spaces carved out inside.

{Finlake by bearfoot 774px X 1236px} Wall and Lake Alexis crashes into.

Stunning sci-fi concept sketches are actually rendersGizmodoI love the concept art by Neil Maccormack because it doesn't look like at all. His renders—which he finishes in Photoshop—feel like acrylics painted with real brushes.

ArtStation - First Encounter, Hristo Chukov

Encounter with an advanced race, space opera and sci-fi inspiration ArtStation - First Encounter, Hristo Chukov: