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Yeah, I will go places after swim and smell my hand and smell chlorine every time!

I only realized that I had constantly smelled like chlorine after I stopped swimming.

haha pretty much:)

One time I told one of my non swimmer friends that I like to swim butterfly and she siad you mean those flappy things?

You know you're a volleyball player when...

Ignore the volleyball thing at the top,no matter what sport u play, this is what u think of. Basketball for sure.

This is very true... I HATE the rope, with a burning passion!

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Only swimmers understand. This makes sense I HATE breaststroke must time my legs feel like there falling off

Only swimmers understand>> haha yup. I am a breast stroker and I absolutely hate back<< I'm a backstroke r and I HATE HATE HATE breaststroke

They'll never know

It always amazes me how Olympic sized sounds more impressive to non swimmers than 50 yard pool