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2 of 6 in the Type Co-op takeover, featuring Buffon by Coleman and Boomville by Melvas


(Poster for Tame Impala's set at the Sasquatch Music Festival by Doublenaut) This interesting design is eye catching, yet simple enough to be able to re-create using linocut.

Showing (FF Zine Sans Display, FF Zine Serif Display, and FF Zine Slab Display)

Showing (FF Zine Sans Display, FF Zine Serif Display, and FF Zine Slab Display)

Lost Type Co Op

Lost Type Co Op

3 of 6 type explorations for my Type Co-op takeover. Featuring Moriston by Cran and Tofino by Munro

Nice design and typography. Strong and floral. Notes by Jennifer Wick

Typography inspiration

Journal cover by Jennifer Wick. Delicate letters stacked to spell Notes intertwined with florals creates a beautiful and inspiring notebook. Typeface: Bodoni and custom lettering

HiveBoxx Shirt by Joshua Krohn

HiveBoxx Shirt

Here's some more work I did with HiveBoxx. With a logo and color palette already defined, my job was to extend that brand identity to a bunch of company materials.

Ralph Emerson

Title : DEPTH Article 01026 "It's not the length of life. But the depth of life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, this minimalist illustration depicts one of his famous quote

Here's a quick lettering piece (and process shots) of one of the many destinations on our road-trip.

Gold Skates!

Gold Skates!

This little set of letters and numerals started out as a piece of lettering that I'm currently trying to construct into a typeface. It's slooooooow going at the moment and there's obvious issues wi.

The Journey by Jennifer Wick

A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick. I'm always fascinated on this kind of art that has creativity on a very inspirational word through simple graphics and typography. Travel and exploration will be my happy 2015 :)