If somebody know the artists, please let me know

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Coco is the best character out of the entire show! I, Portal, believes in Coco of Team Coffee is the best character.

Velvet Scarlatina

RWBY: Velvet Scarlatina by resake. Fellow Hunters of Grimm, for Easter, we should SPAM our little Easter Bunny, Velvet Scarlatina

RWBY-Weiss in Yang's body.

RWBY-Weiss in Yang's body. She cries because in her own body, Weiss is flaaaat.

1. Tiny, adorable Yang is amazing and I want this. 2. I like this version of Blake. Also, of course she accepts tuna as a bribe. 3. Winter with her hair down, I am on board with this! Especially drunk! 4. Uber-energetic Ren is pretty damn funny. 5. I can’t help but wish we had this Jaune from the start of the canon.

RWBY role reversal


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