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She was a queen with neither a crown nor kingdom, the most powerful piece on the board with no moves left to make, so she overturned the table.

Persephone and Hades<<<<< I love this take on hades and persephone. I think this was what happened

I think she eventually fell for Hades, and I think she really felt content to marry him, and was just worried about her Mother.

— Daniella Michallen, “Persephone Speaks” a woman with her own mind who made a choice. She wasn't a helpless girl who was carried off as a prize, she left of her own free will with passion and fire in her heart.

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Writing Prompt - Chris tells this to her men all the time. "Don't go out there trying to be a hero, heroes never live long.

rrevolutionaries: “ xxix ”

what color would god bleed? Red like us, or perhaps silver for the poison it is? Or golden, the deceptively attractive glare of riches?