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Korrasami by http://kellyykao.tumblr.com/post/115353361027/legend-of-korra-print-will-be-available-at

kellyykao: “Legend of Korra print will be available at Wondercon!


elontirien: I thought about making Mako Hercules. We all know who is actually Hercules.>>>>>>>asami works so well in this as well

Legend of Korra  Korrasami  Korra x Asami

Legend of Korra Korrasami Korra x Asami

Korra heals Asami

willoghby: “ KA Week Day Lips Asami gets a busted lip after a test run of her latest sato-scooter. Thankfully Korra’s a darn good healer.

Legend of Korra: korrasami snapchats

It kinda saddens me that Iroh is dead,but at least his Spirit still lives on