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eragon blue dragon Saphira. I loved the books less the movie

Saphira by Dragarta - Dragon and Baby - dragon riders - blue dragons - Eragon

Tsunami RULES!!!!!@

Princess Pearlasantina "Pearl" of the Water Dragons. Stubborn but modest dragon

Red dragons are covetous, evil creatures, interested only in their own well-being, vanity and the extension of their treasure hoards. They are supremely confident of their own abilities and are prone to making snap decisions without any forethought. The most powerful of the chromatic dragons, red dragons breathe a cone of fire.Red Dragons are the most fearsome and cruel of the chromatic dragons. They delight in ruin, death, and destruction. Red dragons are physically distinguished by…

Red dragon

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Inheritance - Eragon & Arya oh hey Arya has black hair...something neglected in the movie

Inheritance - Eragon & Arya oh hey Arya has black hair. They neglected that in the movie, along with half the book :( I wish another company would redo it but nobody wants to take the chance after it was absolutely BUTCHERED.

Goverdose 2.0 - #10 - 30 Years of Studio Ghibli on Behance

Art done for 30 year anniversary of Studio Ghibli within Goverdose collective.In this occasion there was an exhibition at Embassy of Japan in Poland with other tribute artworks done by some amazing artists. My inspiration was of course dragon Haku from…

Instagram photo taken by яαωя - INK361

Instagram photo taken by яαωя - INK361