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Feminine Prettiness

Crab apple blossoms or cherry blossoms

It is most often found in cultivation in the double flowered form Prunus triloba 'Multiplex', which has double pink flowers. Polish name: migdałowiec trójklapowy.

Fluffy peonies.

California Bohemian Backyard Wedding from Joielala

Peonies at my grandmother's house were the prettiest flowers I had ever seen.  I always tried to pick them fast so the wouldn't fall apart.  No luck.  Sorry Grandma.

Peonies are such a pain. Between burdensome drooping blooms and being littered with bugs. But they are worth it.

Wallpaper 🇺🇸... By Artist Unknown🇺🇸...

Cherry Blossom's are the symbol I use to remember by beloved pets- past and present. They are my tribute and symbol of love.