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“Dylan O’Brien : - American Assassin Press Conference (x) ”

Dylan O'brien

Dylan O'Briens aka Stiles from Teen Wolf and can't wait to see Mazerunner!

Teen wolf party 12/15

Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Posey Reunite At 'Teen Wolf' L.: Photo Dylan O'Brien flashes a smile alongside his co-star Tyler Posey on the red carpet while attending MTV's Teen Wolf Los Angeles Premiere Party on Sunday (December…


Anyone else have hq’s of this so we can stare at bae’s face all day? :D

While you might not be ready to see the last of Stiles Stilinski, Dylan O'Brien is actually excited to move on.


He's by far one of my favorite actors. He plays Thomas in The Maze Runner and he is Stiles on Teen Wolf.

M O Z Ã O O ❤

oh look, its the love of my life, Dylan O'Brien aka Stiles from Teen Wolf or Thomas from The Maze Runner.

What, no that's not what I said.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski 💗💗💗 Stiles Stilinski stilinski

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