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2017 Lamborghini Urus by Jordan Shiraki.


Concept exhaust: 2017 Lamborghini Urus by Jordan Shiraki.

EDAG Genesis: Turtle Shell Style 3D-printed Auto Body Concept

EDAG Genesis: Turtle Shell Style 3D-printed Auto Body Concept

The EDAG Genesis displayed at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show is to road-ready cars what a preserved turtle shell is to a living, breathing turtle. The comparison is more than cosmetic since the technique used to create the seamless, one-piece body

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A photo gallery of the Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept at the New York Auto Show photos)

Delorean Update

Look Back To The Future - Mirror detail

A Military-Style Case for Extreme Gamers- Core77

Intelligently Built Expandability Targeting extreme gamers, this military-styled full tower gaming case features a tinted large window to show off your.

2015 | Citroen Aircross | Design Development: Interior Design...

Transportation design, industrial design, engineering, aircraft and space industry, etc.

Porsche 908-04 Concept.

Porsche Vision GT model by Alan Derosier and Marcos Beltrao

isiope:  no. 1789 - Jonas Schmidt - www.isiope.com

Digital Art and Design


The Peugeot Onyx concept shown at the Paris Auto Show earlier this fall. The interior is made from felt, carbon fibre and recycled newspapers.




highlight on a filleted edge

more details....2015 lamborghini huracàn LP 610-4 -  -

2015 lamborghini huracan LP 610-4

more lamborghini huracàn LP - -

DS E-Tense concept (2016)

Meet the Designers: DS E-Tense Concept

DS E-Tense concept (2016)

Details we like / motorbike / Exaust / Pattern / Structure / Agressive /

husqvarna returns to the street with vitpilen 701 concept motorcycle

Wierd insect like exhaust, I like it and it freaks me out at the same time.

Design | 2016年中国美术学院研究生任子达毕业作品:CHEVROLET Full-size Pick-up

Design | 2016年中国美术学院研究生任子达毕业作品:CHEVROLET Full-size Pick-up

sheet and additional stainless steel features

The use of carbon-fibre in the last years in the automotive and yacht industries expanded enormously. The carbon fibre it's a material that gives an idea of innovation and technology, where those are involved to produce vehicles or yachts designed for str