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An adorable cheetah cub befriends a puppy to help him recover. When born, Emmett,the cub, suffered from pneumonia. He was hand-reared from birth and eventually brought to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium where he met a seven-week-old puppy named Cullen. Now Cullen is ten-week-old Emmett's dog companion, teaching him to be more confident and less skittish as young cheetah cubs naturally tend to be. Emmett will join Jungle Jack Hanna's team of animals as a cheetah ambassador with Cullen not far…

A Gold Lab Puppy Befriends an Adorable Cheetah Cub to Help Him Recover From Pneumonia After Being Born. Both of These Cuties Reside at the Columbus Zoo.

Emmett was hand-reared for several weeks while being treated for pneumonia. He…

Emmett was hand-reared for several weeks while being treated for pneumonia. He was introduced to his

Cincinnati Zoo's Baby Cheetah Cubs Now Have Brother from Another Mother — and He's Adorable! | People

A lone Cheetah cub rejected by his mother at Wildlife Safari joins a litter of…

These fluffy Cheetah cubs are the first ever born at Longleat Safari Park.  Hear them chirp and purr in new video at ZooBorns.com and at http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2016/11/chirpin-cheetahs-twin-cubs-born-at-longleat-safari.html

Chirpin' Cheetahs! Twin Cubs Born at Longleat Safari

Two fluffy Cheetah cubs are chirping their way into the hearts of fans at Longleat Safari Park.




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Cheetah mother with cub (Almond), Acinonyx jubatus, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Cheetahs are the most vulnerable of Africa’s big cats, with cub mortality as high as 95 percent, often due to predation by lions and hyenas. But studies have shown that a small number of cheetah.

Голдън ритрийвър кутре / Golden puppy

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