An awesome Pirate Costume For Men.

Im doing a D&D Story and i'm using this as my Pirate King of the Flat Coin. I take no credit for the lovely art that goes to the artist! Sergey Samuilov / Tonzy, Last Pirate Standing, Tools: Zbrush / HairFarm Vray Photoshop.

fbabf9f2f27194a919df336159003c57.jpg (564×1041)

fbabf9f2f27194a919df336159003c57.jpg (564×1041)

Fey Light by on @DeviantArt

- Warrior Woman - A ranger/frontierswoman. Everything here, from the braid to the rough crossbow to the oiled leathers and fur-lined clothes ties together to emphasize the woman's ruggedness and utilitarian nature.

Sea Warrior by SBraithwaite on deviantART

f Rogue Pirate w 2 weapons Sea Warrior by SBraithwaite on deviantART