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What can be used in a 3D Printer? From http://3DPrintBoard.com

This is a way simplified infographic, the possibilities and materials are even greater! Infographic The Possibilities of a Printer InkTechnologies

Forget about 3D-printing: with this pen, it's all about 3D-drawing.

With Creopop, 3D Drawing is Cool, Messy Fun

3D printed to the exact measurements of the broken appendage, Cortex is a lightweight brace that both protects and breathes. Cortex is durab...

This one bizarre invention could revolutionize the way we heal

Printed Cast Lets You Scratch And Wash. If you've ever had a broken bone you'll know. I hear things.

Would use you this solar powered printer? No ink required.

This printer doesn't use ink. It TANS (think suntan) the paper. So intriguing.

The Microscape is an art-mural of a city. Designed by William Ngo & Alan Silverman.

The Microscape is a really cool art-mural of a city. You can purchase a printed ‘square plot of the city’ to give your mantelpiece a cool, kitschy touch, or go ahead and purchase adjacent plots to make a crazy mural of your metropolitan city.


20 Best Magazine Covers of 2014

Time mgazine Apple watch cover "The Apple Watch represents a redrawing of the map that locates technology in one place and our bodies in another.

1979 250 MB hard drive and a 2013 16 GB microSD card.

Science - it works (bitches)

1979 Hard Drive vs 2013 MicroSD - This picture depicts two memory drives which are 34 years different in age. It provides us with an idea of how far we have come in terms of technology. How much smaller can we possibly go?

MakerBot | 3D Printers | 3D Printing. #3DPrinters #3dprintingdiy #3dprintingprojects #3dprintingbusiness

MakerBot | 3D Printers | 3D Printing. #3DPrinters #3dprintingdiy #3dprintingprojects #3dprintingbusiness


Infographic: ElectricityA visual cheat sheet about electrical physics, containing the most important formulas of current and Ohm’s law expressed through an impossible water circuit analogy.(by Pierluigi Scotolati)

This Gadget Turns Your iPad Into a Powerful 3D Scanner

Structure Sensor Turns the iPad Into a Powerful 3D Scanner [HANDS ON]

Structure Sensor Turns the iPad Into a Powerful Scanner [HANDS ON] Maybe something for Printer Chat?

6 3D Printing Lesson Plans from MakerBot’s Thingiverse #3dprinterlessons #3dprinterkids

6 3D Printing Lesson Plans from MakerBot’s Thingiverse #3dprinterlessons #3dprinterkids