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O romantismo nas pinturas de Jarek Puczel

Jarek Puczel: ambiguous background and foreground. His work is often about simple moments drawn from life; He would make his work more interesting by break the layer between foreground and background.


Contemporary artist from Philippines Januz Miralles. Miralles known for his woman paintings and avstract paintings

Helene Delmaire artist activities on Facebook and Instagram

Enigmatic Paintings of Young Women by Hélène Delmaire Young artist Hélène Delmaire presents artwork centered around delicate paintings of subjects with their identities smeared by the soft colors.

marina rolfe

marty kelly-After doing portraits of women, I'm collecting those of other artists--Pamela

Artist Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur

Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s Artwork. Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s artwork puts into scene tormented feminine figures in dream-like landscapes.


I love how real this looks and how it's so zoomed up on the girls face. The way the shadow hits the cheek/chin bones is amazing