Drawing Ideas, Oc, Hair

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By animator Yoneyama Mai (米山 舞) from “Atmosphere’s Sketchbook a doujinshi series by herself (as yone), (Masaru Sakamoto), ebisu (Shuhei Handa) ! (order) “Staff in: KILL la KILL, Little.

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Sketch Dump - May 2012 by *The-Ez on deviantART female male poses posing expressions hair face

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pinterest//elliemay122... oh my, I think I've found my drawing style...

Pencil Portrait Mastery - oh my, I think Ive found my drawing style. - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

Lol so true for some people tho

-(Part Of)Personal work, 2013 -Cameron Stewart spectacular illustrator, wonderful mix of black and white control and crosshatching shading, especially with hair and background