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My favourit cat ❤

Aspen Echo the Puma at Big Cat Rescue


Cameron Lion hears the breakfast cart!


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Black-footed cat

Black-footed Cat Body Length(mm) Weight (kg) - average Litter Size - average Life Span - 13 years Status - Least Concern Range - Southern Africa


White tiger cooling off in water

Mountain lion

BEAUTIFUL FACE Did you know that a Puma, a Mountain Lion, a Cougar and a Panther (not to be confused with Black Panthers of Asia, Africa and Latin America) are all the same animal? The latin name for the smallest of the big cats is Puma concolor.

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Would you try and take it back? I'd rather see all the videos of cat vs. pumpkin over at Big Cat Rescue.

Love the coloring

Makes the purr-fect gift! Order here and help support the cats: www.

Michael Markarian: Animals & Politics

Today is International Tiger Day, and there’s no better time to take note of a sobering and perplexing figure: there are approximately double the number of tigers living in captivity in the United States than exist in the wild.