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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou

im in love with an idiot <<< I know how you feel

luke hemmings everyone<< I'm just ganna show someone this when they ask "who is Luke hemmings and why do u love him so much?"<<<<Luke is me. I am Luke.

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# Imagine Luke and you have been hanging out for a while, and everyone knows he likes you, buts to shy to ask you out. So you help him out.

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Luke and Calum at the Nice Guy in LA - August 2015

| ι'м alwayѕ goιng тo wanт yoυ вacĸ | pinterest // sadlittlebean |

| ι'м alwayѕ goιng тo wanт yoυ вacĸ | pinterest // sadlittlebean |

Here's my lock screen

This is why you should never leave me alone with my favourite band and tape.


Calum with a friend >>> okay, who let Calum near the electrical sockets?<< Who gave Calum the hair styling tools?

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Hey Guys start inviting people to pin to this board. I kinda wanna make it huge

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Welcome to CALUMSOURCE, your number one source for anything and everything related to the talented musician and amazing person: Calum Thomas Hood, vocalist and bassist of 5 Seconds Of Summer.

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Just looking at this picture is hurting me. I sobbed looking at calums face and then turned angry at the fans. Where is the love for each member of the band? Don't worry Calum I'm here for you.

Yeah. This... This is nice

Him and Ashton kinda really match lols but ehhh mehhh gooohhddd stahp it

5SOS in Sweden

mrs-all-hood: Sending love to everyone in the crowd tonight here in Stockholm, 🇸🇪 !