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✿ Illustrator Florian Nicolle (previously) has published a wonderful collection of his textured illustrations from Layering scans of newspaper, ink, paint, and a fair amount of digital retouching he arrives at these truly remarkable portraits.


By Ademaro BARDELLI. Ademaro Bardelli was born in Florence in December 22 He lives and works in Tuscany and has been involved in art since He attended the Art Institute of Florence from 1949 to He died i

Here are a few old pieces of mine... working on some new stuff... by Laura-Anne Hyde | Society6

Sea Print by Laura-Anne Hyde. This would be an interesting twist on the sea drawing project that my graders create.

What does your character see/feel when he/she/it looks up? Are they in search of something?

"Kesin" (Incarnate in Japanese) Zoe McIver-Underwood Digital photomanipulation

Surrealism Photography by Gerald Reisinger | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

Gerald Reisinger, also known as Monolab, is a photographer based in Austria. His distinct color palette could provide anyone with a quick Monday morning escape.