Italian Renaissance - A side opending giornea in solid with a brocade gamara. A red black and silver brocade with a black velvet giornea with double piped silver and red trim perhaps?

La main Tudor Anne Bolyne stade princesse parti robe par cindysboho

Tailor's - Catany, Red Italian renaissance, part 3 red gamurra and red and gold overgarment of tue silk brocade according to Italian fashion - Da Vinci, Pinturicchio)

italian renaissance 1485 dress is blue brocade gamurra, white silk camicia with embroidery around neck and writs, embroidered flax braies and silk stocking

Italian Renaissance

The dress is made from a coral and gold colored jacquard. The dress has corset back. The front of the bodice is boned with professional corset steel bones. The dress is embellished.

The Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge - Amanda Stewart. Similar to - Florentine (as pictured in Domenico Ghirlandaio paintings)