Death Before Decaf! I think this might be my next tattoo

Coffee tattoos that are inspiring us here at WWW.COM, where you can get delicious rich, smooth, double strength coffee beans! Grab a bag today and get inspired!

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On The Run Tattoo Flash by Michiel van der Born haha modern take on the Sailor jerry flash RAD!

Tattoos idea

tattoos like this scattered to fill small gaps across the arm but not a cross

the little alien : Photo

Doctor who instead Digital Drake/UFO Print on Rough Card Paper by midgepop (etsy: planetmidgepop)

cute candy tattoo

cute candy tattoo

And one from Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo, if I ever make it to Australia that is, lol


If I ever make it to Australia I want that cake tattoo with the red lipstick and nail polish!