Holding a dessert class with the members of the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service really was a bonding experience. I hope every participants left with a positive dessert experience (…and a few…

Peach Cherry Blueberry Shortcake #diy_kitchen_table

Peach Cherry Blueberry Shortcake idk i need a better pic, if i probably wont know ok I'll get one. She lives down a couple house and is my friends best friend.

beautiful pastry

relationship advice - Take advantage of the talents of others! Banana-Coffee Dulcey-Tart, by Patisserie Rhubarbe.

The Chedi, Muscat on Behance #plating #presentation

Here’s taking a look at few innovative, smart and creative food plating ideas. These are real steals! That’s the best pointer to succeed in plating ideas.

Edible work of art

sablé moon, covered with avocado velvet, lime scents, fresh mango, mango sorbet & baby red sorrel leaves

Decadent chocolate

"Rota das Estrelas Fortaleza do Guincho KIMS NOTE: If you're feeling it, you could try something ril fancy like this. You could try with Richard - I think he's thinking of coming for a few days.

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9264b87d224853c7650c202185ce397a.jpg (480×720)