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Australian Stamp, 1948. Aboriginal Rock Carving, addition to Zoological Series 2 shilling.

Aboriginal Postage Stamp - Australia

Australia Postage Stamp: Aboriginal Art c. part of the Zoological series depicts aboriginal rock carving of a crocodile

Znaczek: In the medical-biological center (ZSRR) (Soviet-Hungarian Space Flight) Mi:SU 4964,Yt:SU 4703

CCCP / USSR postage stamp from 1980 - Znaczek: In the medical-biological center (ZSRR) (Soviet-Hungarian Space Flight)

St. George and the Dragon Postage Stamp

Pre-Revolutionary Russian stamp - from the period - so approx. It says, "For the benefit of soldiers and their families"- i. Fundraiser - You paid 11 kopeks (the price at the bottom) and got a 10 kopek stamp

As a kid, used to be a stamp collector... Fantastic art works and graphics!

Romanian postage stamp from 1961 featuring the CCCP / USSR space programme

soviet matchbox label #soviet #cccp

The Weird and Occasionally WTF World of Matchbox Art

russian matchbox label Luna 2 was the second of the Soviet Union's Luna program spacecraft launched in the direction of the Moon