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A levitating ceiling and a floating concrete slab

CLAMART – Dominique Coulon & Associés has a self-confessed signature style of oblique, bold volumes that distort depending on the viewing angle. The newly completed gymnasium Les Closiaux, just outside Paris, is the epitome of the studio’s work in France.

Competition Entry: Zaryadye Park,Layers. Image Courtesy of Turenscape

Gallery of Competition Entry: Zaryadye Park / Turenscape - 14


Gloriumptious Cheyenne Vandevoorde Project Gloriumptious aims to refocus what the dynamics of academic student life can be in the modern age. Gloriumptious is an active dormitory that not only accommodates the student body,…

An Architects Manifesto on Student Show

A Compilation of different project types encompassing ideas and concept for my firm Desarc Studio, based in Lahore - Pakistan.