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Pumpkin Flower Vase - Chateleine has transformed the decorative Halloween pumpkin into something functional: a vase! Spray paint your pumpkin as you wish, chop off its stem, and then scoop out its filling.

How To // Create DIY origami bats. Perfect decoration for Halloween | Party Decoration

halloweencrafts: “DIY Origami Bats from Vitamini Handamde.This link leads you to a video for making these DIY origami bats.

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Super easy origami bat for your halloween decoration! I'm Tadashi Mori, and my videos show you step by step how I fold various origami art from flowers to dr.

Learn how to fold a cute origami bunny rabbit for easter! These rabbits stand up making them a great table decorations and gifts! Step by step instructions.

Origami Bunny Rabbit Tutorial

Origami Golden egg by Peter Engel Each folded from a square of Japanese foil by Gilad Aharoni on

Peter Engel- Origami Model of a Goose that has just laid an egg. I like how he has used a separate coloured piece of paper to create the beak and the feet of the goose, and had used a golden piece of paper to create the egg.

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This Origami Bat is made possible with the use of a pair of scissors. Two small incisions are made so the paper can be folded back to give the impression of ears. It's a great model if you are not opposed to a bit of cutting.

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Origami Hedgehog deigned by Sergey Yartsev folded by Strongpaper from one uncut square of lokta

This is a fun joint effort of two of today's leading American origami creators. Description from I searched for this on

Origami Rabbits and Bunnies and the books showing you how to make them. Learn more on Gilad's Origami Page.

Origami Halloween - Chauve-souris: Reine de la nuit [Senbazuru]

How to fold Origami Bat by Nick Robinson Easy to fold Halloween Origami Bat Halloween is coming, fold these Easy to do Origami Bat for decoration. Designer: Nick Robinson Folded and Photo: Origami-Kids