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Martial arts and discipline - because I refuse to poison my future children with ADD medication

okay i wouldn't say "cure" but what taekwondo has done for my son with ADHD and aspergers is priceless.

A solution to a problem.

A good way for females to defend themselves. But men, they need to be raised to treat women with respect- no matter cultural differences

~Sifu Ip Man~

If you "muscle it" all the time, you'll never learn to get maximum power out of minimal effort.

Martial arts masters and their quotes Guro Dan Inosanto

~Guro Dan Inosanto~ I love the quote, on point Guru Dan. That's why I want to open a school of thought of the martial arts. Yes there are styles and specifics for that style, but that doesn't make it a strict discipline. They are all interchangeable.

Push Up Progression - Convict Conditioning. Need to start practicing!!  Goal for my birthday!!!

Convict Conditioning Push Up Progression brings a progressive calisthenic approach to mastering one arm pushups and gaining incredible strength by Paul Wade

Замечательный прием / АйДаПрикол :)

Not sure he could pull it off on the street or in an MMA match but definitely a great takedown.