I really love the way this book folds out, and the way that there is 2 books in which between them can create bigger pictures as well as separate information can we make the anthem fit together still if split apart. play off the versatility of the brand?

북디자인을 좋아하는데 정말 아기자기하고 귀여운 작품입니다.  SunKyung Kim (김선경)님께서 만드신 책인데,  컬러 종이를 반으로 접어서 노트북으로 만들고 각 페이지마다 그려져있는 동물을 가위로 자르면 동물이 하나하나씩 생깁니다. 자르고 나면 다양한 동물이 나오는데요, 기린 부터 사자 그리고 돼지까지 없는게 없네요. 잘린 부분을 제외한 노트안에 페이지들도 디자인이네요. 정말 아름답습니다.   이분 대해서 정보가 없어서 이것저것 찾아보는중 IK & SK Design Studio를 운영하고 계시더라구요, (Inkyeong & Sunkyung)님 두분이 자매이신데 같이 운영하세요. 프랑스 Reims School of Art & Design에서 둘이 같이 졸업하셨고 저 위에 작품처럼 북디자인과 페이퍼아트를 주로 하시는것 같아요.    A zoo in the palm of your hands by Sunkyung Kim.   - 추가 글 올립니다. 책 주문...

Zoo in my hand - Sunkyung Kim (France) - book of cutout paper animals

Fluorescent yellow reminds me too much of highlighters and takes on quite a garish feel here, but I like how the colour picks out imagery to create visual links between the different spreads and encourages reading.

Martin Parr - Monography by Baptiste David, via Behance Like the idea of the strips of pages. Could be the tabs for the PP brochure book.


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Page transparente bonne idée!

Crossover festival branding and promotion, exhibition design / lots of layered image and type with surprise die cuts and pops of neon. by Jonathan Finch & Stephanie Oglesby.

creative folding method

Folded Brochure by Andy Tharagonnet I think this piece stands out due to its interesting fold out and clear contrasts, the whole theme works well for what it is promoting.

Mannomann, wenn ich nur hierfür die Anleitung hätte! Was gäbe das für coole…

Sin Lucros BFA Exhibition Invitation << cool fold, no die cut required! (based on "explosion book" fold) Could create a brochure of the best items for sale for people to pick up as they go in or out of the exhibition.

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Modern Geometric Trifold Brochure