Kittens are the cutest animals on earth.

** "Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to flower, Comes a pause in the day's occupation, That is known as the Kittens' Hour." (By: Henry Longfellow.

Love the markings on this fur baby

Ready For My Bedtime Story - 31 August 2015

Such a happy, healthy, lovely cat!  This makes me smile!!

" Hey i called your boss and told him you need a raise, because i want more treat " Overbearing.

what a darling!  those great big eyes -  cute pink nose and look at those paws - different colours.

Sorry, sweet kitty. Kitten got the bad news - Cute kitten making disappointed face: "What do you mean I won't grow up to be a tiger?

** "Yoo knows wut a reals friend be? Someones who willz looks after yer kitteh fer yoo afters yoo be gone.

Meet Bub! The Happiest Kitty on the Internet

Lil Bub The Dwarf Cat. She was the runt of a litter of feral cats born with dwarfism. She's a tiny thing and she has no teeth - that's why her tongue sticks out all the time.

Aiden loves cats.

If you love cats, this post is for you. Check out this large compilation of cat mamas who are very product of their little ones. It will melt you heart.