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Aw so cute All i want for Christmas is you. What a cute idea.instead of a gift tell someone you care you love them! For my babes

Christmas means a little bit more

Quote from: How the Grinch Stole Christmas.One of our favorite traditional Christmas movies to watch.

Wedding chairs

That's the plan ;) He will love the Lord more than he loves me.

bucket list / Your Bucket List.

I have white teeth.but i want REALLY white teeth

Again, and pray it's as good as the first time

but doesn't everyone accidentally fall in love ? I mean do you meet a guy and go oh i'm gonna make myself fall in love with him?

I would like to write and publish a children's book, about what I don't know. Who doesn't want to write a book?

Bucket List // Write a book! The number one thing I WILL do one day.

before i die | Tumblr, found on #polyvore. bucket list before i die #pictures

Take a kissing picture in a photo booth. We almost had a photo booth brought to our wedding for fun, but we decided not to. I'm not sure where else to find one around Jacksonville.

check list

Paris, London, New York - Check. Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong to come I hope!

every girls dream


We got our hands on the Disney Princess Slam Book and couldn't believe what Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella had to say. These princesses aren't perfect!

Australia is the number 1 place I want to visit before I die.

Sydney, Australia (But of course when I go, I'd wanna find P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

So with Summer in his fingers and warmth in his heart, he touched the keys. Once again he was lost in the memory, the memory of Summer time .

Spent four years of my life learning to play the piano. I miss the feeling of being able to play beautiful songs.

penguins in love

Funny pictures about Romantic Penguins. Oh, and cool pics about Romantic Penguins. Also, Romantic Penguins photos.

Kinda attended one Junior year, not counting it though.

Masquerade balls are events where people attend in a costume wearing a mask. These masks were used to conceal or hide the identity of the .

File:Bloedel Reserve Willow Tree.jpg

Moondaughter: Luna and Soul: Moon Days: Willow, Sacred Tree of the Moon

Bucket list (hopefully this year after my little surgery)

One day I hope to feel beautiful. even if I'm not, but if I could feel it once for a moment

Fall in love with a country boy (CHECK)

life goal: fall in love with a country boy. this shouldn't be hard. country boys are my weak spot.