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Mt. Kailash & the Milky Way Trans-Himalayas, Tibet.

Milkyway over the sky of Tibet, Mount Kailash.// Tibet + Milky Way = Bucket List

Гора Кайлас – сердце мира, ось земли и центр Вселенной

Why is Tibet’s roughly Mount Kailash sacred? Depends who you ask. Jains believe it’s where a saint achieved enlightenment. Bonpos believe i .

NOT a nebula. More like a magnetar or neutron star. In any case, beautiful image.

NOT a nebula. More like a magnetar or neutron star. In any case, beautiful dimensional image.


place i want to visit-Crystal Cave - Svínafellsjökull in Skaftafell, Iceland - 12 Stunning Photos of Places Decorated with the Most Beautiful Element Water in Solid State

Русский охотничий журнал № 7 (июль 2014)

Bison (aka Buffalo or Tatanka) in front of the Tetons. The Grand Tetons Mountains are in Wyoming, USA. I want to see wild Bison in my travels!

Potala, tibet* Arielle Gabriel writes about miracles and travel in The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles also free China toys and paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *

Colourmytrip - Tibet Potala Palace, Tibet - The Potala Palace is located in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is named after Mount Potalaka, the mythical abode of Chenresig or Avalokitesvara (Source - Wikipedia)

Love it... sure this is photoshop but still awesome.  Looks like something from a Disney movie

A sinister castle amidst a stormy night, if that doesn't scream adventure I don't know what does.

Red Bull Astronauts ...eat @  a Taste of Miami Conch via the space station take out. #SPACEX atasteofmiamiconch.com/blog

Red Bull Astronaut Felix who atmosphere dove from a pod to earth making his own world record.


A Transcendentalist place to go is a place where you can look at the stars. The trees in this picture represent how people reach for the stars. A peaceful and quiet place like this is definitely a transcendentalist location.