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Love Jehovah more than you love yourself✨❤✨!!!!

Love Jehovah more than you love yourself.he gave his very firstborn SON so you could live forever!


I have had dear family members chose to leave Him over the years. It is devastating, because no matter what they think, we still love them.we just love Jehovah first!

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God inspired bible writers to pen his name about 7000 times throughout the Holy Scriptures.

With you by my side, I have the ultimate comfort & all things are possible! Love my wonderful Creator!!!

As Jehovah's people, we don't have a breaking point. Jehovah understands our capabilities and limitations so much better than we do, therefore we have every assurance that we handle anything that comes our way with His help.

~ Dear Jehovah ~

No matter what happens, give me the heart that is willing to obey whatever the cost may be.

Thank you Jehovah for not giving up on me!

Yes Jehovah. Though others may be quick to give up on me, I'm very grateful that you.the creator, haven't!


When people feel like a part of their life is missing, but can't figure it out, usually it's the lack of God. "Unless you use your life to serve Jehovah, you will always feel empty inside.

The 2016 Regional Convention should not be missed. Our Loving Father is getting us ready folks...Truly awesome.

How could one not love such a wonderful, perfect God? He is so good to both the righteous and the wicked and both benefit from HIS love. But, It's every persons choice whether to love HIM in return. Sadly, the majority of people don't.

You do not need a man made religion to stay close to God. As a matter of fact you are better off having your God, your way. Not how others tell you, you should have him.

Jehovah, your people wish to remain in the palm of your hand. We praise You and Your Son Jesus and thank you for all your loving kindness.