Leaf toothbrush cover/cup

Folha gel de silicone ambiental beber em forma de taça copo portátil para outdoor

Cute bikes kawaii and cute products or gadgets Adorable and practical products Cute products I want. Leaf toothbrush cover that converts into a drinking /rinsing cup! Perfect for travel - genius!

mike serafin  ---  Woa...mind-blown...that's idea dribbling and shape finding!  This is what sketching should be...thinking brought to paper.

Sketches for a lantern by Mike Serafin. Excellent example showing how a good formstudy is more about quantity, variation and getting a feel for the possibilities than about being super creative or drawing perfectly.

Processo de Criação. Industrial Design Sketches by ~josepa on deviantART

Industrial Design Sketches by ~josepa on deviantART Concept Art,Industrial Design,Sketch,Sketching,

Quickly and clearly communicating ideas is a core skill of an industrial designer. Included are tutorials to help up your ID sketching skills.

Sketches we like / Eywear / Pencil and copic / Mohawk / at tatstysketch

One of the downsides to product design is rigid confidentiality rules. I never get to share work I do for clients. But this is a special case.

Architecture Sketch from: http://www.presidentsmedals.com/showcase/2013/l/3286_09132253584.jpg

A collection of architecture sketches and drawings (mostly and hopefully by hand) focused firstly on the thought process that comes before the concept of a project and secondly on presentation.

cut and contract

Here's the concept for Beautiful Bottle (previous post) {H} I really like the design of this bottle. The lines and curves give it a good look and feel. I would buy this product just for the bottle.