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Bentley, percheron stallion, winning the Best of Breed at the 2016 Pa Farm Show. Ow by Windermere Farms Photo by: Ken Siems of PSD Photography

Mulassier Draft Horse .... can ya tell I love Draft breeds? So breathtaking!

Mulassier Draft breed also known as Poitevin--a French breed of draft horse.

So huge! Im guessing a Shire.

Shire - stallion Acle Magnum Now THAT'S what I call a Stallion! A perfect name for such a fine specimen of horse, stallion, and the Shire breed all wrapped up into one :)

This is a chestnut!!! People these days call sorrels chestnuts and they are wrong!! Here is the best example ive found! Beautiful

Apollo, mare, sassy and bossy, fastest horse in the valley, thoroughbred (me)

Gillshaw Comet - Cleveland Bay

The Cleveland Bay Horse of England is used for all European disciplines.


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Sooty Palomino Draft Horses - Google Search

sooty palomino - Morgan stallion Missouri Do More Flashdance