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DIY laser cutter 1 Watt only

Cut Plastic With a 1 Watt Laser

Davide Gironi: 38mm x 38mm Laser Engraver build using CD-ROM/Writer on ATmega328p

Davide Gironi: x Laser Engraver build using CD-ROM/Writer on…

Cnc laser DVD

Laser cutting with 1 watt laser

mini estrutura cnc - YouTube

This is my new Arduino based mini CNC plotter! It has a better construction and more accuracy! I made it from old dvd drives.

$20 Small CNC using ATtiny2313

3 old floppy drives + + +

Como hacer una Mini Fresadora CNC con unidades de CD viejas - YouTube

Como hacer una Mini Fresadora CNC con unidades de CD viejas - YouTube

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Pocket Laser Engraver.

I have been trying to get my hands on a laser cutter for some time but they always seem out of reach. All the great things that can be done with a real laser cutter.

  The purpose of this project was to make a 3-axis pen plotter as cheaply as I possibly could.  Assuming you already have an Arduino it ended up costing me $30 to build.  Please understand that the stepper motors that are inside CD-ROMS are not strong.  If the pen comes down too far it will stop the motors from moving.  This will not harm the motors but I thought it would be worth mentioning.  But if you are looking for a cheap way to expe...

Cheap Arduino Controlled 3-Axis Pen Plotter

Cheap Arduino Controlled Pen Plotter with some code that is also suitable for charlieplexing

A low cost diy 3d printer

Edge 3D Printer V.2.0

Hello, In this instructable I will show you how to make a very low cost, lightweight printer. This printer is about the same size of the printrbot simple, but.

Construí una maquina fresadora CNC y te enseño como hacerlo

Construí una maquina fresadora CNC y te enseño como hacerlo

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Haz una base de PVC para tu taladro Dremel « Hacedores.com | Maker Community

Here's a rather unorthodox home-made CNC machine we haven't seen before! [ModHappy] recently accepted a challenge to design and build a CNC machine out of cheap and readily available components fro.

Homemade desktop cnc router

Here's my little desktop cnc i built a few years back. I was on a fairly tight budget so it had be cheap but also reasonably rigid as i wanted to


DIY laser cutter built to make stencils

LASER stencil cutter for T Shirt printing using LASER diode. ChaozLabs: I needed new T-Shirts - or: How I got a Laser-cutter.

Router Tornado Cnc - $ 17.999,00 en Mercado Libre

Router Cnc Tornado

Router Tornado Cnc - $ 17.999,00 en Mercado Libre

Picture of CO2 laser that cuts sheet metal

CO2 Laser That Cuts Sheet Metal

A home made Laser Metal Sheet cutter - Build your Stuff!

43072d1327335312-moving-vmc-block-axis-deckel-maho-dmc-63v-vertical-machining-centre-pe44453_6.jpg (600×764)

43072d1327335312-moving-vmc-block-axis-deckel-maho-dmc-63v-vertical-machining-centre-pe44453_6.jpg (600×764)