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Pre- and post-restoration views of Isabella de’ Cosimo I de Medici (circa 1570–74), attributed to Allesandro Allori. Courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art was convinced that a supposed 16th century Bronzino painting was a modern fake. Conservators discovered that the work was authentic, but had received a dramatic makeover during the 19th century. Image on right is the original.

What lies beneath: A portrait purported to be Eleanor of Toledo (left) was actually a painted-over portrait of her scandalous daughter, Isabella de'Medici (right, after restoration)

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Young Lady Holding a Book by Italian School, late century Italy, private collection “ This flamboyant portrait would have been commissioned as a marriage picture. Its prime purpose would not.

It's About Time: Portraits of women attributed to Alessandro Allori (1535-1607) or His Followers

Painting Associated with the Artist or the Worshop of Alessandro Allori (Italian Mannerist Painter, 1560 Eleanor of Toledo b.

Florentine "veste" or doublet gown.

Portrait of Bianca Cappello c. Oil on panel x cm ARTIST Workshop of Alessandro Allori Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Portrait of a lady. Alessandro Allori, 1535-1607

nice partlet Portrait of a Lady in a rust dress with a small dog Studio of Alessandro Allori.

Frans Pourbus Gesellschaft im Freien. full size image at http://www.mleuven.be/en/binaries/pourbus_tcm41-49645.jpg

Gesellschaft im Freien Attributed to Frans Pourbus the Elder (Flemish, 1545 - Sleeves, hats, color!

William Larkin (1580–1619) Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset Date circa 1615

Frances Carr, Countess of Somerset, born Frances Howard, was an English noblewoman who was the central figure in a famous scandal and murder during the reign of King James I.