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It's obvious that reading someone else's words depresses Trump to no end, which is why he's never really done it.

How Donald Trump Lost His Mojo

Taibbi writes: Flailing on race and immigration, his campaign in chaos, the candidate who made a brilliant farce of the election is now finding the joke is on him.


occupy-democrats Lady Liberty is here to take in your tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free. No matter what some small-minded orange bigot thinks.

This is the Abomination "Christians and Racist" of Our Country decided is Worthy and Dignified enough to be President of The United State.

This tells you everything you need to know about Trump, Republicans, and everyone who votes for them.

TrumpPutin - unattributed.

Trump is going to make America Russia again - a kleptocracy with massive wealth inequality and hordes of neo-nazis roaming the streets attacking people of color, lgbtq folks, and political opponents.

8/03/17 - Political cartoons | Pinterest

8/03/17 - Political cartoons | Pinterest