"A house on the ground is just a house. But treehouse living? It may see like an idea in the realm of favorite childhood fantasies, but a family treehouse could be a reality for you.

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This is too elegant to be called a tree house. I worry I'd break it, but I also want to fill it with pillows and camp in it. Located in Long Lake, New York / Designed by Swedish builder Nils Luderowski

Wow! Vintage Tree House, where Eloise' mother-in-law resides, on the west lawn overlooking the stables.

Chêne Chapelle The Chêne chapelle (“chapel oak”) is an oak tree located in Allouville-Bellefosse in Seine-Maritime, France. The oak tree is between 800 and years old. It is high and its base has a circumference of Its hollow trunk.

Make this 40 ft higher and it would look like camp.....I'm still on for my bday! TLH

The Birdhouse. A beautiful tree house with a fancy terrace rising nearly It has been crafted using reclaimed lumber from an old dairy barn and a warehouse. A massive three-level staircase construction makes a perfect foundation for the.

Strange Places to live. - I would totally live herr

It is every kid’s dream to one day make the coolest tree house and live in it. In Okinawa, Japan, that dream came true except they made it a restaurant instead of a home.

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Get a Tree House Plan and Build Your Children Their Dream Tree House

This awesome tree house was perched in a tree along the shore of Lake Whatcom, WA. If so many of us want to live in trees why are they cutting them down.to make houses?

Lantern in the SkyThis is a splendid tree house, inspired by a Japanese lantern and architect Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome.

50 Kids Treehouse Designs

Everyone and I guess every one, as a kid dreams about owning a tree house in the garden and I am no exception to that. But the sphere of the tree houses have grown larger and they are no more confined to the dreams of children. They are not just for kids

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Cool Houses Clinging To Cliffs To Take In All The Beauty

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Baumraum’s World of Living Tree House Sits on Spider’s Legs Baumraum World of Living Treehouse – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

hahah love the slide going down.

A tree house with a slide. I remember that when I used to play in my tree house, every time my mom called me.I wished I had a slide so I could go fast and not get in trouble :)


Teachers in the kids’ tree house designs are very fun loving and caring. More interesting element of a kids tree house designs is that it is not so high

Simple Tree House Plans | There are several things to consider when building your outdoor ...

Yep, you heard me, treehouse! Pure fun for the garden…and I don’t know if you’ve seen the new show on treehouses, but they aren’t just for kids anymore. There are even treehouse cabins for rent.

Secret Garden Treehouse The aptly named Secret Garden Treehouse in Seattle was commissioned by a young music industry star who wanted a quiet retreat. Pete Nelson/New Treehouses of the World

Eschewing excess space and making the most of every inch, these functional but tiny houses prove that bigger is not always better.

22 Tiny Houses We Love

Treehouse at Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, WA. Submitted by Jason Warner. Treehouse at Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, WA. Submitted by Jason Warner.