Oldest Native American drumming video ever - YouTube

Rare and old footage of Native American drumming from 1894 in a tribute to our Native American brothers and sisters.

Frank A. Rinehart était un photographe à Omaha dans le Nebraska, en 1898 il reçut une commande pour photographier le Congrès Indien. Plus de 500 Indiens de 35 tribus venaient y assister ce qui lui permit de réaliser ces superbes portraits dans son studio. Ces photos et d’autres sont disponibles sur la  page Flickr de …

Les portraits d’Indiens de Frank A. Rinehart

Frank A. Rinehart Frank Albert Rinehart was an American artist famous for his photographs depicting Native American personalities and scenes, especially the leaders and members of the delegations who attended the 1898 Indian Congress in Omaha.

Trail of Tears Map. (The forced relocation of Native Americans from the Southern United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830).

Native American Stock Photos and Video about American Indian Tribes and Cultures-Cherokee-Trail of Tears Map

Police seek help finding art stolen from Fairfield home

These 10 Native American Commandments are a way of life guaranteed to raise your #vibrations!

The Native American commandments -Except the Great Spirit but after all why not, I respect Animism more than any other religious system (non-human entities are spiritual beings)

American Indians : Jemez Pueblo Ceremonial Dance.

An archival picture ofJemez Pueblo Indians in a ceremonial dance, New Mexico. No photographs are allowed to be taken in the pueblo these days.